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Allow Power Users to create folders

Allow Power Users to create folders

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As simple as it sounds. I'd like to see the ability to let certain power users create folders in the root Shared directory.


Hi Jeff, We've given control explicitly to admins for managing the root Shared folder.  This helps protect the integrity of your company's overall file structure. 

In addition, we also allow only admins to create folders in the root Shared for security measures.  If Power Users were given permission to modify folders in the root Shared by an admin, the Power User would have those permissions propagated through all Shared folders the same way permissions propagate to subfolders.  To protect admins from accidently granting a power user access to all company files, Egnyte ensures only admins have Shared root permissions.

Clay Romeiser

looks like there is a way to do this with custom roles and granting the "can create top-level folders" right.

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

this can be done via configuration