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Android Egnyte App

Android Egnyte App

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Hello, I just wanted to say I really like the accessability this app offers.

The only problem I see is how the app automatically stores my " local cloud"

on the sd card. I go to great lengths to secure my phone and data and can

lock and/or wipe the phone remotely if lost or stolen. Unfortunately, this

doesn't work for the sd card. If the local files were encrypted, stored on

the phone (not the best option due to space) or best of all - had the option

to disable local cloud on the phone, I would feel a lot more secure about

what I could put in my private directory. As it is now, I'm not very

comfortable putting anything in there that I wouldn't want the world to see.

Is there any chance of a future fix or am I overlooking something?


Hi Shane,

Thank you for the suggestions. We are including this idea in our roadmap and will look to resolve your issue in the near future. We will let you know when this feature become available.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered