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Archiving "completed Tasks"

Archiving "completed Tasks"

We use the "tasks" function to assign work within the company. Some users recieve a large number of tasks which all appear on their my tasks page. These pages are starting to develop lag as the number of tasks displayed grows day by day. Once tasks are marked as complete it is still usefull to see that the details relating to the task however it would work smoother if either there was a "tasks completed my me" and a "tasks completed for me" tabs or if there was a way of auto-archiving copmleted tasks once the list reaches say 100. the archived tasks still need to be accessible for auditing purposes etc.

From admin point of view it would also be useful to beable to see statistics on the number tasks assigned, completed, denied as well as identifying critical task paths between users that regularly interact via "tasks".

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @Tom Rees Blanch.  One of the things that we were considering was to have a built-in filter that is automatically enabled that hides tasks that were completed more than 30 days ago.  This in combination with being able to explicitly archiving a task would be helpful in the scenario you explained.


Allow for users to archive completed tasks so the task pages load faster.