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As an admin, impersonate a Power or Standard User

As an admin, impersonate a Power or Standard User

We're getting support cases saying that users can't see certain folders, and it's impractical to ask them to send screenshots and start a back-and-forth dialogue about how to get to a particular folder. I know that admins can generate permission reports to verify that a user has access to a particular folder, but it really helps if you can visually show a user the path they have to go.

Since we cannot ask our users for their logon passwords, it would be a great help if we were able to pick a user to temporarily impersonate, so we could browse and list folders (no file uploading or downloading).

Retired Employee
Retired Employee


Thanks for your suggestion. I can definitely see how this would be a useful ability for Admin users. At this time, this feature is not on our short-term roadmap. However, I will share this with our product team and add you as a +1 here.

  • Shyam

I also agree this would be great. It allows us to test use access restrictions and also modify user notification settings as well. Doing this without having to ask user for password would be great.



Development on this?

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Delivered