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Better sync options for the Personal Cloud

Better sync options for the Personal Cloud

At present users sometimes have to wait a long time for files and folders to sync. Often they do not need to have copies of these particular files and folders on their machines.

Therefore I'd like to see the Personal Cloud have the ability to:

  • choose from the entire folder structure which folders to include / exclude (at present you can only choose from the top level)

  • exclude certain file types / files over a certain size


I just started to use it and unfortunately it is lacking a MAJOR feature I hope to see addressed with a future release.  Let's suppose I have a project folder:

Project Folder 1 (contains 100 files AND some 10 subfolders)

  • Project 1 Folder Subfolders

So if I deselect some of the subfolders, then the main folder is *automatically* deselected and the files in it don't sync!  The problem is I don't want some subfolders to sync!  Because as an example, some of them contains gigabytes worth of photos that no one needs to sync.  But we do need to sync those 100 files in the main project folder!  But we can't unless we also sync all the subfolders.  That makes 0 sense and defeats being able to selectively sync a folder.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Marking as delivered since we provided the ability to choose arbitrary folders for sync many years ago