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Branding for individual folders

Branding for individual folders

Our larger company has several "brands" within it - I'd like to have the branding features extend to root folders in our Egnyte main drive rather than being global.

For instance: Main Company brands all folders by default (like it is now)

Folders A and B are associated with Brand 1 and thus have that logo and color scheme

Folders C, D, E, and F are associated with Brand 2 and thus have that logo and color scheme

Folders G-J are associated with the main company and have the default color scheme.

-- Please Vote -- I'd like to make this a reality - I'm sure we're not the only company that could use this feature!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs Info

Thanks for the feedback, @itrac.  Is your primary concern for users who are receiving shared links to files/folders or is it for users who are logged into the full interface?