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Cant open MS Project files thru Windows Explorer

Cant open MS Project files thru Windows Explorer

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We are having an issue with opening Microsoft Project files when browsing thru Windows Explorer and double clicking on the MS Project File. A window will pop up and list several reasons on why it cant. But if we open MS Project and then browse thru Project to the file location on Egnyte then it will open. The same problem is happening with Visio.

A side note, we dont have this problem with MS Word or Excel.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Jeff,

It looks like you're already working with customer support on this issue. They should be able to help you resolve this. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.



Not an answer but wondering how this got resolved. We are seeing issues with older version of Project files with the exact described issue which has caused some concern by the user community.