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Change Username on an Egnyte Account

Change Username on an Egnyte Account

The ability to change the username of an Egnyte account will prevent the need for deleting and recreating an account after a name change when AD authentication is being used.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Just providing an update on this...

While we are doing a few minor fixes that arose prior to launch, this feature has limited availability so we can turn it on for customers requesting it. Otherwise, I'd recommend waiting for the full release. 

Here is a short article you can view about the release:

More to come. 

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Delivered

I’m happy to announce that this has now been launched.

When a username is changed, it'll temporarily be deactivated and any logins to our applications, such as Desktop App, Mobile App, etc, will be remotely logged out so if a username changes, that user will need to log in again.

Please note that for very large private folders, there may be a lag in seeing the changed username due to the number of locations required for the change.

If you update a username with Active Directory, it will propogate to Egnyte automatically; the Admin won't need to manually change the usernames in Egnyte. The user with the changed username will not lose permissions and links will continue to work as expected. The logins to each application is the only aspect that will need to be updated. However, there are few customers who don't have the feature enabled due to their previous ADKit settings. We are contacting those customers to discuss the rollout of the feature. If you don't have the feature enabled, please contact us for guidance at 

Get started by viewing the steps here: