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Change the name Power Users to INTERNAL Users and Standard Users to EXTERNAL Users

Change the name Power Users to INTERNAL Users and Standard Users to EXTERNAL Users

Power Users = Employees, should be simply called INTERNAL Users and Standard Users = Business Partners, should be simply called EXTERNAL Users to elminate confusion. Internal and External are much more simplified and everyone understands the difference. So many people keep asking what the difference between Power and Standards users are because the names don't really give you the information that you need and a simple name change would fix that.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for your feedback @milong - we're definitely considering changes to these names to make them easier for users to understand.


I strongly agree with this.  Naming should always be as self explanitory as possible.... otherwise, you have to lookup the definition. 


I agree, this makes more sense.

I completely agree with this. I find "Power User" and "Standard User" terms very confusing when explaining the different users to someone. This would be a great enhancement to Egnyte. 


I completely agree with this. Please change the names to minimize any confusion. 


I actually disagree.  Not all organisations have a split of power and standard users between internal and external users.

I'm going to disagree with this pretty strongly.  We cycle through several external vendors and contractors that need Power User level access but can NOT be referred to as "internal" users.

Hi everybody,

on the one hand, I agree with some users, that the definition "power user" and "standard user" have no meaning, unless explained to the respective user.

on the other hand, an "internal user" instead of a "power user" is not always an INTERNAL USER, like it is also the case in our organisation.

Hence I suggest, to let it remain as it is.

We have been using Egnyte for quote some years and would like to see more consistency in their products.

when looking at the product names "Desktop sync, Desktop App, Connect, turbo, etc.", it is acutally also not so clear, what each product is.

so, when user in this forum then push for renaming some definitions what have been out for a long time, this would only create just confusion.

A dynamic setting of the names for the user is also not feasable, since all their help files, documentation, etc. would refer to "standard user" and "power user".

so, leave it as it is and keep it consistant  and let Egnyte focus on some more important issues like  :-)



Disagree,  We have firms that use a variety of 3rd party consultants using the desktop app.  For my purposes the names would make more sense as "App User" and "Web User".  So the names should stay as the are as there is no single defining function or role to separate them.  

Look at Microsofts example with office 365. Their names are mostly ambigious, but, it is easy for a common user to lookup the major differences between them.