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Change to allow Photo Upload from iPhone to keep original name and modified date from source file

Change to allow Photo Upload from iPhone to keep original name and modified date from source file

When one of our users uploads a photo using the Egnyte mobile app from their iPhone gallery, the file is renamed by Egnyte to the format "Photo_Mar_19_19 11-55-07 PM-1.jpg". The date of the filename is the date the upload was completed and the "date modified" property is also the date the photo is completed. THIS IS INCREDIBLY ANNOYING! 

Please leave the date and time as the date the photo was taken, or preserve the properties from the original file being uploaded. DO NOT RENAME THE FILE. 


Note this only appears to happen with iOS, not android devices. Phone used was iPhone 6S.

Status changed to: Considering

We take photos of the equipment on existing counter tops for as-built construction drawings. The photos are taken in the direction of the work flow. If the photos are not in the order taken after uploading to Egnyte, the drafters have problems sorting them out.


I upload photos for the residential home loans we finance. I usually upload 50-75 photos for each inspection I do and use them later for company reports. Having the photos out of order is highly frustrating when I need to use the photos for the reports. Please fix this as suggested. The date and time uploaded to Egnyte is not helpful or useful.

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi everyone

We will implement a feature in the app settings which will allow you to set up the default name of an uploaded media file (photo, video, voice recording). The name will include the original name from the device, upload date or date when a media file was created. 

Within the next 2-3 weeks, I will be able to provide you with an ETA of this feature.





I think I may have figured out the potential source if the problem. Currently our iOS devices are set to take photos as HEIC file format, however when uploaded to Egnyte the are converted to jpeg for upload. I image Egnyte is likely pulling the file name and metadata from the temporary file that is created as part of the HEIC-to-jpeg conversion, hence the changing of file names and creation dates to the moment the file is uploaded. 

Egnyte, is there a way to address this or should iOS devices be set to jpeg as the default photo?