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Cloud Migration Manager versioning and documentation

Cloud Migration Manager versioning and documentation

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How come Cloud Migration Manager displays a GUI version that has NOTHING to do with the VM version and won't disclose anything about it?

The current version of CMM is 2.0.243 yet the GIU version is: Version:

The current CMM does not tell you what ENGINE version it is running on. 

Forget the fact that it is suppsoed to auto update and all of that. It should provide the admin with the engine version and a way to confirm it has the latest updates. Otherwise the admin has to look at the OVA he downloaded (which could be a minor version or two ago) and ponder whether it is ACTUALLY current. 

Since the GUI also has its own version it is a phantom version because the CMM docs have ZERO information on the GUI versions w-h-a-t-s-o-e-v-e-r.

It should be clearer to an admin. It's not. It's totally fixable if you show an "about CMM" in the gui to show everything is cool (and add that the the product manual online).


Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hello @Anthony Grazian,

Thank you for the feedback. We surely appreciate it and will make sure that it reaches the right set of eyes. 


Status changed to: Accepted

Hi Anthony,

 Thanks for flagging. This will be fixed as soon as possible.


Status changed to: Delivered

The latest versions of CMM indicates the software version in the UI.