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Coordinated Migration from SYNC to TURBO

Coordinated Migration from SYNC to TURBO

We have a SYNC appliance with TB's of data. At this point I can't see how we can easily migrate to a TURBO appliance. I think there should be a simpler migration.

Whether this happens locally or in the cloud, there should be a way to slipstream the additional metadata indpendent of the existing files in SYNC to TURBO.

One of the servers should be able to migrate the files across the LAN or across the CLOUD without having to reupload the entire data structure from our LAN to EGNYTE. 

We are excited that TURBO exists but feeling like an unwanted stepchild because we adopted SYNC and the workload to do this all over again is not only daunting but would take us weeks to months.

Why can we migrate locally and have the data replicated cloud-to-cloud and supplement the metadata as part of a batch process after TURBO walks the tree?


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Retired Employee
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Hi Anthony

Thanks for the feedback, we realize it is difficult for customers to resync all the data back as we migrate from SS to Turbo. The implementation of this is a challenge as it is not as simple as moving the disk from SS to Turbo as they internally are different architectures.  We will consider this requirement and see what we can do about providing a solution to this problem for our customers.