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Copy FOLDER TEMPLATES INCLUDING PERMISSIONS access levels to different fold

Copy FOLDER TEMPLATES INCLUDING PERMISSIONS access levels to different fold

Originally from ticket #116731.

Hello Egnyte Team,


One thing I like a lot on EGNYTE is, that everything is granular :-)

So I build up a** template folder with granular permissions for sub-folders*, access rights for different groups and different folders etc. within the same sub-folder. Certainly the **parent folder or root folder does not have all these permissions* and access rights what I created for the template folder.

How the owner of this template folder (me) can copy this template folder to a new folder which is in a different root folder without losing the all these permissions and access rights of this respective folder?

Is there a way to do this?

Am I doing something wrong?

Other content provider (like they have a so called “template folder”, where any created folder (incl. permissions etc.) will become a template folder, which I liked a lot.

In the absence of this feature, our IT dpt. can not further expand the cloud at egnyte, since they would need to manually set up each new folder based on the sample folder.

Thanks for your valued feedback :-)


Retired Employee
Retired Employee

That's a valid concern, but I can assure you that updating the logos and colors in our various products diverted very little of our UI engineers' time from other projects.

Updating the website was a different story!

I agree with you Trey, creating a new CI is obviously done by different engineers, than implementing features.

But doesn’t it reflect the management direction, that an optical appearance seems to have a higher priority than providing requested solutions and features (which your competitor has since many years already).

Kindly check with your engineers, if there is any light on the horizon for that feature.





Is there already an outlook of the functionality of that feature available?

Will it be similar than your competitor ?

We currently evaluating expanding EGNYTE in our IT infrastructure to replace conventional IT file server, but would need to set over 5 million permissions at 230000 folders manually - this is practically not possible at all.

Thanks for your update ;-)


Hello Trey,

Is there any new Christmas update what you can share on this feature?

After Egnyte completed the "upload link" and the "granular notification mails" beeing just around the corner I was hoping, that there may is some move on that pending issue?

Thanks & wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014 :-)



Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Werner,

As yet there is no short-term plan for us to add this feature, but that could change. If it does change, I will provide an update here.

On a related note, I believe this is something which you could accomplish using our public APIs. Let me follow up with you offline.

  • Trey

Dear Trey,

It has been more than 7 months silence in this topic - has there been any new development you can share on that feature? thanks!

Hello Trey,

Has there been any development on this feature? Last year I was informed, that it will be on the roadmap for this year.

Thank you for checking with your product managers on that feature.


Hi. I would also like to know, whether this feature has finally been added.

Hello Trey,

we appreciate, if you would have any update on this.
As I understand, your competitor enhanced this feature again by begin of this year.
Also box can now sync subfolders like Engyte > the technical gap seems to be closer and closer.

Is there an API walk around possible for this feature?

Thank you for your update!


Hello Trey,

The next Christmas is coming .... is there is any chance for that significant feature for 2014?
Thanks for your update :-)