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Copy FOLDER TEMPLATES INCLUDING PERMISSIONS access levels to different fold

Copy FOLDER TEMPLATES INCLUDING PERMISSIONS access levels to different fold

Originally from ticket #116731.

Hello Egnyte Team,


One thing I like a lot on EGNYTE is, that everything is granular :-)

So I build up a** template folder with granular permissions for sub-folders*, access rights for different groups and different folders etc. within the same sub-folder. Certainly the **parent folder or root folder does not have all these permissions* and access rights what I created for the template folder.

How the owner of this template folder (me) can copy this template folder to a new folder which is in a different root folder without losing the all these permissions and access rights of this respective folder?

Is there a way to do this?

Am I doing something wrong?

Other content provider (like they have a so called “template folder”, where any created folder (incl. permissions etc.) will become a template folder, which I liked a lot.

In the absence of this feature, our IT dpt. can not further expand the cloud at egnyte, since they would need to manually set up each new folder based on the sample folder.

Thanks for your valued feedback :-)



I just learned from Tino @ egnyte, that any child sub-folder inherits automatically permissions from the parent folder.

That means, that any granular  permissions in a newly created sub-folder will have to be set manually for every folder you will create.

Unlike other content provider, egnyte CAN NOT HANDLE A "FOLDER TEMPLATE", which makes is easy to grow data base rapidly and with less work involved.

Since this is "hard coded" as per Tino, it looks that this is a dead end :-(

Is there a walk around for this issue?

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Werner,

We've had a couple requests for a folder template, and it is something that we are considering. Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide a timeline on when this will be available, but will keep you posted on progress.

Thanks for choosing Egnyte,


hello Trey,

besides having the possibility of FOLDER TEMPLATES I think, the possibility to copy folders to another root folder and keeping the permissions is the actual issue in this matter.

do you see any technical possibility for that?

thanks :-)



Hello Simon,

I full agree with you and that would be a great feature for our company :-).



I remember, at BOX.NET they also have such TEMPLATE folders - essential to have...

that's what we were looking for


I am wondering, how does egnyte convience customers to give up their file server and only work with the local cloud?

I think in a bigger organisation, granular permissions at sub-folders are a must. Well, that can be easily done on a file server.

but in case of the egnyte hybrid cloud, such granular permissions in sub-folder structures can not be moved or copied. 

Each sub-folder will need to be customised manually with the permissions required, which is a lot of job and error can occour.


Hence, having such feature can attract much more IT staff, so seriously thinking in replacing their file server against hybrid cloud server of egnyte.



Retired Employee
Retired Employee

@ Simon,

Unfortunately when you copy a folder the permissions associated with it are not preserved in the duplicated folder. I will ask the product manager responsible for this to place it in the product roadmap.

Thanks to all of IGM for choosing Egnyte! 




as we have used for some years alreaed, a folder owner at box has more power than a power user with read/write/delete permissions at egnyte.

This means, at Egnyte any power user with delete functions can delete any folde from a different owner.

This is not the case at box and I think that is good so.

If you create a folder and somebody else can just delete the folder?


As I understand, folders are only protected by the admin in case of root folders - correct?


I am wondering, what technical reason may speak against preserved folder permission in duplicated folders, if the destination folder is allowed to be accessed by the user who copies the folder?


Actually I would love the idea, that only admin users are allowed to copy folders with preserved permissions. I think this makes it easier for egnyte R&D team!!

What do you think about that, Trey?


Hi Trey,

Do you see a technical possibility, to adapt the same permission management like a WINDOWS FILE SERVER or SHARE POINT SERVER?

I know, you are not using the PLC or ELC under file server environment at all, but can the permission functions be implemented to egnyte, since AD is already connected?