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Create duplicate of the selected file and or folder

Create duplicate of the selected file and or folder

Within my work I find myself in the need to create a duplicate of an existing file (e.g. a PowerPoint) to start a new document based on the content of a previous one. Currently it is not possible to select a file (or folder) from the web environment and click a 'Create Duplicate' button.

Within the Windows of Macintosh environment you also do not have a Duplicate option but there its just a matter of simple Copy & Paste into the same folder, which is not an option in Egnyte.

Would be a neat feature for the future.

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Hi @cjohansenws ,

Currently, creating a duplicate in the same location is not available through the browser.  I have sent your request to be escalated, but in the future, please talk to support at to create a feature request so this can be tracked.  Also, these types of requests should be posted in our Ideas section of the community, which is monitored by our product managers.




Thanks for the feedback. I can agree it would be useful and it is something we are considering on our list.  We have recently refreshed the WebUI, we are releasing new preview in a few days and many more improvements will come in 2020 (including drag & drop). 


Hello @KathleenHunt Yes, I would you like to create a duplicate of a file within the same folder as the original without it creating a new "version" or without having to change the name. It should just automatically append " COPY" to the end of the name of the newly pasted file. Ideally, excatly the same as MacOS:!ArX7b3kH8GBfhv9_A7MsyMhwGqte8w?e=h27810