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Current User Permission by Folder

Current User Permission by Folder

I'm looking for a report which will show me current folder permissions. Not selected time period or change audit. The reports I found are only audit (permission change) reports and they're only for a period of time. To report the current situation is not possible at this stage. If I only have 5 people at the firm but have tones of sub folders it will also be very difficult.
Can you upgrade report tool and generate current permission report ?


Thank you for this update. I also came to the Community Forum looking for a way to easily see user permissions arranged by folder. I tried to use TreeSize for this, but I was not successful. I will look forward to seeing in the next month or so.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Hasa this report been created?

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi @Jason Fain, Yes, this has been delivered. The steps can be found here with screenshots but I'll also post a quick rundown of them here:

  1. Log into Egnyte as an Admin or a Power User with the can run reports role.
  2. Open the menu and select Reports from the drop-down.
  3. Open the Permissions Reports drop-down and click User Permissions Report.
  4. Select the users and/or groups that you'd like to be included in the report and use the arrow to add them to the right side. Once all of the desired selections have been made, click OK to run the report.
  5. As soon as the report has finished running, you can view and sort through the data, or you can export the report as a CSV file.