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Delete files on link expiration

Delete files on link expiration

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We use Egnyte a lot for file delivery purposes to printshops etc. When making this deliveries we often make a Indesign package, a ZIP file, or other forms of export files wich collects depenencies. This files have a tendencie to be left, even after the job is delivered and closed, leaving a lot of duplicated files using precious storage space. 

To help remedy this, an option to delete file(s) on link expiration would be really helpfull.

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

While we don't have this exactly, we do have a similar functionality with our retention service.  It allows you to set rules that control automatic deletion of content.  For example, delete all the files in a specific folder 90 days after they are uploaded.  

We don't have current plans to do this deletion based on link expiry.