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Determine which shared link has been clicked.

Determine which shared link has been clicked.

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Originally from ticket #101381.


I am planning on creating a folder which I will be sharing with several customers, and I need a good way of tracking who has clicked the link.

My solution was to send out each link individually, with slightly different settings (expiration, etc), so that each link I sent was individual and specific to one customer.

However, the "Shared Link Notification" only lists which folder was accessed, not the URL of the link clicked on. Is there an alternative solution for me which I can use, aside from creating dozens of identical folders (one for each customer)?


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Hi Mateo,

We are exploring ways to provide more visibility into who has clicked a link, which would ultimately offer the solution you're requesting.  I don't have an immediate work-around, but thank you for highlighting this request so we can prioritize the full feature into our development.