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Document Edit / Collaboration History Storage

Document Edit / Collaboration History Storage

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Enhancement Request:

When migrating document from another document repository, I’d like Egnyte to provide the functionality to capture and stored all document edit / collaboration history since the creation of the document. Even if a document was created on another document repository.

Egnyte Current Functionality:

It’s my understanding that Egnyte's OOB migration tools will store the last modified date and creation date only. To meet this request users must develop a migration application using the Egnyte APIs to create the previous history to store on Egnyte. I’d like to see this functionality as part of the standard Egnyte functionality and not require users to create custom code.

When companies are being audited by Federal regulators (FDA, FINRA etc.), the user experience is greatly enhanced when auditors can view document and full document edit / collaboration in one application (Egnyte) vs. toggling between multiple systems to piece together the full document lifecycle.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs Info

Can you let us know which tools you used to migrate data to Egnyte?