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Document Indexing and Tagging

Document Indexing and Tagging

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I'm an independent investment advisor that uses another document storage solution for my client files- Docupace Technologies. What I would like to see from Egnyte is a customized document indexing system for my industry. For example, every time a post a document for storage, I would like to index that document in the following ways: 

  1. Document Date

  2. Document Type (list)

  3. Form Name (free form)

  4. Document Review status (list)

  5. Various fields for checks and security details (check #, check amount, security name, number of shares)

  6. Date document received

  7. Date document forwarded

Essentially, using Egnyte as a file server is great and I use it for my non-client needs. However, there is no superior way of finding documents because they are not indexed specifically. Sure I can conduct a "search". But a search is not complete. If I asked, "Let me see all of your Beneficiary Designations for all your clients for June 2010 through December 2011" I can't do it. Or, find me all documents related to account number #####. The reason I can't do this is because documents are not organized this way. This probably requires a more advanced solution than is being offered by Egnyte at this point. Just Tagging is not the solution either. 

Thanks for your time.


Egnyte does a good job of file store, anymore complicated than that people will not use it. You need a document manager, there is simply no way around it.


Is this something that Egnyte will implement in the future? This would be tremendously helpful.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Cara,

We offer file tagging in our "classic" view but have not made this available in our redesigned user interface. 

Thanks for taking the time to make a product suggestion,


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Retired Employee
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Community Manager
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Egnyte has supported custom metadata for the past several years which allows for defining custom fields which can then be entered by users and searched