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E-mail addresses in link reports

E-mail addresses in link reports

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I need the link report for those patients with the file names/folder names would be their names as listed on the ticket. It should contains the recipient's e-mail address.


Retired Employee Emily Ganz1
Retired Employee

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for the suggestion. Due to the multiple ways we give you to send links (through Egnyte, your external mail client, copy and pasting links), we are not able to track who the links were sent to. However, if you only send links through Egnyte, then we could possible add this feature in the future. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions!



Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
Status changed to: New
Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

This was done many years ago - we're reviewing old ideas that were transferred over from another system