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E-mail scheduled reports to specific users

E-mail scheduled reports to specific users

We should be able to schedule a report and have its output mailed to a specific user or users.

If someone needs the results of an audit report set to run every, they have to log in, go to reports, and download the report.  It would save a lot of time if they got an email every week with the report in CSV format.

This suggestion was raised in, which is now closed.



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My company would also like to see this feature. It would be helpful to set a schedule based on a specific user's needs. For instance, the project manager might want a report emailed to them once a week on the data included in Egnyte, and another manager would want a report sent to them once a month for another reason. It would be helpful to be able to change the criteria of when the report is being sent out per user or group. 

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

One of the things we've considered before is the following, let me know if you think this would be helpful:

  • Allow administrators setting up a scheduled report to define a folder it should be saved to (or save it automatically to a folder with the name of the report)
  • Have an option to immediately save the report to the folder instead of only doing it when the report is archived (30 days after running)

This would allow you to set permissions on the report output folder and end users could get folder notifications when a new report is added.


Hi Greg, your solution is certainly an improvement on current behavior, but I'd much prefer emails. I do like the option of immediately saving the report to the folder instead of waiting for it to archive.

I think the email solution is the preferred route for our company as well, but I would gladly take the option of being able to schedule the report to be saved to a folder.

The output folder is a great solution because I have users who get annoyed by Notification emails. This way, they can stop annoying me about their annoyances but still have a place to find the report.

Scheduling and adding triggers that can send an email based on event will be even better. Let's say someone access the file that shouldn't or I need to find all files with macros... The trigger will send an email the email to admin or owner of the file. Or you can schedule the report.

Thank you,

Yes, I agree that the audit report should automatically be saved to a specified folder location so that whomever needs it knows where to get it from. Currently I have to audit reports that run daily and I have to export them first and then save the download to the folder.

Is there an idea of timeframe for this? We're currenlty going through a very strict certification process where having this would really help.