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Egnyte Alerts separation for ELC & OLC from PLC

Egnyte Alerts separation for ELC & OLC from PLC

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Users have computers off or take vacations and we get bombarded with PLC inactivity. I want up to the minute or same day on my ELC and OLC so I don't want to have to turn it off. Can this feature be introduced to separate the alerting on sync inactivity for the PLC to everything else so that we can have different amount of day inactivity for each?

Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the feedback; this sounds like a good idea. I'll share this with our product team and we'll investigate further.


Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
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Employee Ed Tseng1
Status changed to: Considering

The device dashboard will include more information - even potentially being able to determine when the last time each of the device categories have last synced.  We'll add this request to the list.