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Egnyte Connect End to End Encryption for Macs

Egnyte Connect End to End Encryption for Macs

We're going through certification that will require we have end to end encryption. Most of the offices we run now use macs so for us this would be a useful tool. 

Sophos Safeguard seems to work for the PC's but currently nothing in the Mac world. 


We could really do with this as well. 

Our client base are large media companies and they're all Mac based now. The secuirty of their transfer of data is paramount. 


Community Manager
Community Manager
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@KekoIT - can you explain a bit further about what you're looking for? I'm guessing that it is one of the following two options:

1. A mechanism to encrypt files locally before they are uploaded into Egnyte and without Egnyte's knowledge of the encryption key.  This is what is commonly known as zero-knowledge encryption.  In this model you would not be able to search for the contents of files, preview files in Egnyte, etc. since Egnyte wouldn't be able to access the original version of the file.

2. A mechanism for Egnyte to save files to disk on the client in an encrypted form

Can you let us know what you're looking for?


Today many of our customers use the following to ensure that data is encrypted everywhere:

  1. Employ full-disk encryption to make sure that if a hard disk is removed from a computer, the contents aren't readable - not just the Egnyte part, but the entire hard drive
  2. Egnyte already encrypts all data in transit via TLS (HTTPS)
  3. Egnyte already encrypts all data at rest in our data center.  Some customers choose to use our Enterprise Key Management so that they can manage the encryption keys used to store data in Egntye with a third party encryption management system or HSM.