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Egnyte Protect - Exclusion by file type

Egnyte Protect - Exclusion by file type



One feature I would like to see in Protect is the ability to exclude file types from scanning.


The ability to exclude by folder path is good but requires careful and ongoing management.

The ability to exlude certain file types e.g. .ISOs, .VMDKs, videos etc. would be invaluable for making best use of our Protect tenant.

Thanks :-)




Hi Jake.

Thanks for your suggestion. This is something we could consider implementing. However bear in mind that excluding folders (or in this case files) from scanning means that none of the protections afforded by Protect will apply to files in the folder. Its not just excluding folders from content classification. That said, I can understand how there may be certain files types such as .ISOs that are very unlikely to contain business critical information.




Status changed to: Considering