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Egnyte Protect seeing multiple sensitive content in excel

Egnyte Protect seeing multiple sensitive content in excel

We need to move a large amount of sensitive content and we were hoping to use excel to use the file paths to move them quickly. However the export to excel only contains the folder paths not the file paths. We would like excel to show the individual file paths when we export it.  

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Employee AMCullen

Thanks for the suggestion!

If you need to move many files, you can now perform a bulk move from within Protect. Just select all of the locations with files that you want to move (to the same new location), then select Fix and Move, and select the location to move to. All of the files with sensitive content will be moved to the new location.

Is this a situation where you only want to move some of the files with sensitive content rather than all of them?  


Yes, we handle different sensitive content that certain employees need access to and other employees shouldn't have access to. However they need different sensitive content within the folder. So we need to move a large amount of files from multiple folders while leaving behind other files that have also been flagged. 

Employee AMCullen

Got it. Thank you!

You can export a list of all sensitive files within a given location from the dialog opened by clicking on the Show Detected Content button in the detail pane. You will see an Export button at the top right of the dialog.

Currently there is no way to export the full list of sensitive files for all locations in a single click. We are looking at implementing this, however there are scale considerations as some of our Egnyte Protect customers have millions of files identified as sensitive.

Status changed to: Considering