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Egnyte physical drive shipment

Egnyte physical drive shipment

We recently acquired a massive amount of data that we'd like to move into Egnyte. 

We also have a desire to have an on-premesis backup of all data in Egnyte.

It would be convenient to request a drive be mailed to us containing all data we have for a one time fee (say $300 or something) that includes the shipping costs to return it to Egnyte.  

It'd be nice to also be able to do the same with sending massive amounts of data to Egnyte.  They ship an empty drive with the correct folder structure in place for a one time fee, we load our data onto it in the correct folder structure we need, and ship it back. Then we get a notification once the data has been loaded.

I think AWS does something similar to this.

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Egnyte does have options for this - both in terms of shipping smaller drives and a solution to send hundreds of TB at once.  You can reach out to your account manager or the support team for more information.