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Email Files to Egnyte folder

Email Files to Egnyte folder

Is it possible to email files into Egnyte?

Robert Wall1

This would be extremely helpful for field personnel.  Yes, count me in!

Robert Wall1

Has there been a discussion about letting users email a file to a specific folder? For example, each day my 30 field personnel are responsible for emailing a daily report on the day's activities (word format). It would very helpful for the file to be sent to a designated folder rather than numerous email inboxes. Is this an option? Could it be an option?


Thank you for your feedback, its been submitted to our product team for evaluation.

Retired Employee Emily Ganz1
Retired Employee


Thank you for the suggestion. The ability to email files into Egnyte is something we are thinking about, but are not planning to add in the near future. Thank you and please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions!



DT Archibeque

Agreed!  The ability to email documents to a shared folder would be extremely  helpful.  Please, please reconsider!

Matthew Greer1

Another vote (with 40 Power Users on my team!) for an email function.  BrainKeeper has it and it is extremely useful...

I would concur!  This would be an incredibly valuable feature....could be used in a variety of ways including efax, client file repository, etc.  Right now we have clients who use mail enabled public folders and its a pain.

David Trahan1

Emily, having the ability to email files into an upload folder would be very helpful. Its a feature we enjoy when using the 37 Signals Basecamp and Backpack product. We could use it immediately in our business.

John Detlefs

Likewise... I'm using a trial account at the moment, and not having the email function is potentially a gamechanger.

yes please.. this functionality is what is standing between choosing egnyte and other solutions.. Please add it.. and you will be a winner..