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Enable/Disable Download Folder optiion

Enable/Disable Download Folder optiion

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Hello Egnyte,

When sharing a folder there is no link option to restrict whether or not the content be downloaded like you can when sharing a file.

I do have use cases where I need to share folder with people outside of our organization but only allow the content to be viewed; they should not be able to download the folder and it's content.

I would even like to go as far as to make this a Role permission; only Power User accounts that have this Role added can have the option to enable or disable the download of a folder.

Apologies if this has already been requested or if there's a support KB on this, if there is please provide a link.

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We had a requirement to share folders, that consisted multiple folders and files to be shared with external third parties or stadard users. When I share the folder, I cannot prevent the user from downloading the entire folder that may consist the files also.

This is a request to prevent the download of shared folders with third parties or standard users.