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Feature Request: Desktop sync login expiration

Feature Request: Desktop sync login expiration

Right now, once you login to Egnyte via the Desktop Sync app, the app continues to access data forever. There is no requirement for a user to re-login. This is troublesome from a security standpoint in general but it becomes a big problem if a user shares or loses the computer.

Adding an expiration time option with a locking of data files would be great.

Thanks for the great work,


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Francis,

The authentication for the Egnyte UI is picked from the Egnyte Desktop Sync authentication credentials.The connect to Cloud File Server option take you only to the authenticated user's Egnyte UI.

Are you looking to require an authentication when a user connects to Egnyte UI from the Desktop Sync icon in the system tray ?



Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
Status changed to: New
Employee Tri Hoang
Status changed to: Considering

After the first sucessfull login, Desktop Sync and Desktop App will acquire an access token from Egnyte cloud and will continue to work as long as the token is still valid. Adding an expriation period to these tokens is definitely something we can consider.

On a side note, if a user loses her computer, you can always remote wipe or remove device to remove local data and force a logout.