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Feature Request: File rename within Search Results

Feature Request: File rename within Search Results

This suggestion supports Document Management best practice.

We use precise standards for filenames to ensure that search results are as effective and accurate as possible as filenames are the fastest way to get relevant results in Egnyte Search.

Often, search results show files that are incorrectly or insufficiently named.

There is no way to rename the file at the moment of discovery from with the Egnyte web interface. We must click through to the folder, which deselects the file in question, and if the folder contains hundreds of files we often cannot re-find the file that needs to be renamed.

Feature Request: Develop the functionality to rename a file from within search results in Egnyte.

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi @Anonymous,

Thank you for writing to us with your feedback. Your feedback post will be reviewed by our Products team.


Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering