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File Activity Report

File Activity Report

Our end users are not always good about cleaning out old files and folders. It would be helpful to be able to run a report that shows files or folders by last activity. Or a way to search for files that have not been accessed in the last six months or year. So that the administrators may decide whether or not to remove the files from the site due to in activity.

Alternatively a notification setting that would notify an admin or user when a file has been inactive for a specified amount of time would be beneficial. Thank you for your consideration.

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Thanks for the file activity report suggestion. We can see that this can be useful in the context of cleaning up old files taking up storage. We currently do not have such a report.  We have added this to our enhancement list and will prioritize this if we see more requests for this capability.


Sachin Ganpat

This was something requested almost a year and a half ago with five people liking it. Egnyte is supposed to be for business and not having a function to report on activity is just terrible for auditing.

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Egnyte does support file and folder activity reporting via audit, though files do not hold a last accessed date.  As part of our retention work, we're considering adding this.