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File Reports and all reports

File Reports and all reports

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The file reports are so basic... You need to add more filters! Way more!!! 

- File type: if I do not know the file name what I am looking for, I am screwed. Simply searching for .xlsm files. I have ton of them, but report shows 0.

Yes, you do have a file search functionality! Let’s take a look here: I need to find just all JavaScript files (.js)? What should I do? I select .j and I do not remember rest of the extension. Oops - “ Please enter at least 3 characters” What if I do not know neither a file name nor an extension? Hey, I am an IT 😊.

What about regular users? Locking the search in 3 letters is not smart, on my opinion. Instead, when user start typing (just even one character) it should give them a suggestions. Thanks rest of the world doing it… Box, DropBox, OneDrice, FileShare, you name it.

- Date range: 3 month only? Or it's based on my trash and versioning retention policy? Even if you allow 3 month baby and you search for range of file extensions you will get an error: “Time span for audit is too large? Why do allow the to search for 3 month? Do you have a space shortage?

- If I need to edit existed reports? No way! Yes, you can save a search query and create an another report based on it, but you will create an another report and if I need to add something else - an another query and an another report... Man, I love that!

- Search Result header: how do I filter the search silos? No way! You need to dump data into excel. Fine! Let’s look the dump. I think the rule number one in reporting: “First row should be always a header!”, but we all know how delete rows and columns. Columns should be always separated. Combining columns can bring a data integrity issue. Imagine if I need to import your report into one of the BI report system. Have you ever try to download your file report and apply filter on combined columns? I suggesting you to do so. What are some of the columns: Action Info, Target Path/Link or Transaction Type?

What is “Time” column mean?

The first row (supposed to be a header) in the excel report shows the incorrect time!

You should really think enabling tags. Tags enable you to mark, sort, and easily search for related files.

Man, am having so much fun! 😊

It looks to me that ALL reports where created to stop users complaining. You never checked them! You never used them! You never even asked customers to share their feedback on them. It looks like a high school level intern created them ALL.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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@DimaB - thanks for the detailed feedback.  One thing that would be helpful is if you could split this up into separate "ideas" since this is many ideas and requests wrapped up into one post and as a result I think it'll be hard for us to effectively comment and get community feedback.

One question though - can you explain your general use case? 

The file audit report is generally used by customers to have a history of changes, either for compliance purposes (where usually people want all changes and search isn't important) or to debug a situation where something happens to a file or folder that is missing / changed by someone.

This audit can have millions of changes a day for larger customers, and as a result we currently limit it to 90 days of audit history.  That said, we offer the scheduled audit reports so that you can pull raw audit data on a regular basis to have it in CSV format forever.  Some customers also ingest audit data into databases or SIEM systems via our APIs.