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File & Folder List Report

File & Folder List Report

Legal department would like a report that can list out all names of files and folders contained in a particular egnyte location.  This could be as simple as an export feature of the list view on the egnyte web UI portal.  

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

This is something that we will consider.  While at a high-level it sounds simple, we do have customers with folder and hierarchies that have millions or tens of millions of files, and we'd need a solution that can work for everyone.

Community Manager JulieMullins
Community Manager
Status changed to: New

Rather than trying to solve everyone's problem, how about solving most of the worlds problems which are a limited number of folders, sub-folders and files. I'd like to have such a solution right now. I have 5 top level folders, 20 subfolders, and about 250 files. I could be looking at hours of work if I have to hand type all of them. Sure would be nice to have a simple way to get the directory / file listing.