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File & Folder List Report

File & Folder List Report

Legal department would like a report that can list out all names of files and folders contained in a particular egnyte location.  This could be as simple as an export feature of the list view on the egnyte web UI portal.  

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Can you add an option to extract the list of files/documents/items within a particular folder? If this could adapt to a high-level folder, that's brilliant. 


One month later, I'm back on the forum, looking for a solution to this issue because I again have to pull a report on a specific group of folders & subfolders. I currently use TreeSize to export this information.

This Idea is marked as "New" even though it is from Feb 2018 and it has been asked for repeatedly for several years. Could you update the tag from "New" to something more informative? Thanks.

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Community Manager
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