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Folder notification timing

Folder notification timing

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I'm using the folder notification email function and I'm wondering when the emails get sent out.  For instance, if I choose to get notification emails once a day, what specific time of day does that happen?  Is there a way to customize it?




Currently when the notifications are set for 1 hour it is not clear if the notification will be sent 1 hour after the 1st file is uploaded/modified, or if the notification is recurring on an hourly schedule.  If it's on an hourly schedule we should be able to set the notification to occur on the hour e.g.

Notify every 5 minutes on the minute: 00 - 04 (notifications would occur every 5 minutes on the minute i.e. 1:03, 1:08, etc.

Notify Hourly beginning at 1:00 PM (Notifications would occur every hour on the hour)

Notify every 24 hours starting at  8:00 AM (would send a notification out daily at 8 AM)


It would be very helpful to know when the alerts are being sent and having some control over it.

Thank you,

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Patrick,

That is an interesting question. I know of the setting, but not about when they are triggered. I will get this information and write back to you. 


Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

We can consider an option to determine when this will be run