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Fw: Shared link notification

Fw: Shared link notification

Dear Egnyte:

Well - I am quickly becoming a fan of Egnyte and moving several of our small and

mid-size companies on to your servers.  After trying it out for a quarter or two

- we might move the parent company online.  I also know of at least 3 business

owners I have motivated to try your system.

Question:  As to sending document by direct sending from  

Specifically at to the 'notice email' that the file has been accessed.

  1. The name of the file seems a bit embedded into the notice email - thus hard
    to identify the exact name of the email.  Can't you put the file name on a
    separate line in the reply email?
  2. When sending a document directly to several parties.  Like I just did to
    several employees - I only see that "it was  opened" - several times.  Thus when
    one employee does not even review it - I have no idea 'who' did and 'who' did
    not open it.  Even though I get separate emails for each one that did.  Can't
    you also put on the notice email (along with the name of the attachment as
    stated above) the name of the reciepient that opened it?

I have attached a 'notice email from you' below.

It seems a good (and more proficient) layout would be:

The following file you shared was downloaded on ?/??/?? at ??:??pm  by


Attachment:  ???????.docx



Particularly item 2.  Teh meial notification is useless without knowing "who" accesses the file!!

Greg Bertrand

BusinessCloud (an Egnyte partner)


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your comment.  We are working on a solution now to provide more granular notification feedback that would address your request.  Please watch for announcements over the coming quarter.



I also have run into this and would like to see who is accessing the links rather than just getting an e-mail notifying me that the link has been accessed.  I usually send the link to multiple recipients so unless I count the e-mails I will not get an estimate on how many have accessed, However, that is assuming that they only opened the link once. 

I do have to say that Egnyte is one of the best clouds I use and I am happy that our IT department chose it for us.  Some of the sites that our consultants use are very confusing and limited in capability.

Thanks - let me know when you find a solution to the shared link notification.


Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Teresa,

We've got a couple features in the works that will give you more detailed information about who has clicked which links. One challenge is that a link can be embedded on social media, in a website, or in a document, making it more difficult to track who clicked it in a meaningful way. That said, we understand that there is room for enhancement with the Link Summary Report and it is something we are working on.

Thanks for taking the time to make a product suggestion; these recommendations are very important in our planning discussions. We are, of course, thrilled that you like Egnyte and hope that you spread the good word!

Thanks again,


Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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