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Give admins ability to modify user email folder notification preferences

Give admins ability to modify user email folder notification preferences

  1. Allow administrators to set default values for Email Folder Notification settings for all new users for a domain, whether created by Administrators or invited by Power Users.

  2. Allow administrators to manage the "Email Folder Notification" Settings for any user in the domain.

This will improve the new user experience and reduce support requests.

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Scott Page1

Both excellent suggestions!  Please add my vote also.


Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hi Eric,

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, we already do #1. In fact, we just released some enhancements that will allow admins to set more granular account-level rules for this.

#2 is not something we do today, but I'll note your request for this.

  • Trey
Eric Rangell

The link you provided has the following sentence:

"Please note that your account administrator may mandate folder notification policies for your Egnyte account. Accordingly, you may see fewer notification options than are discussed in this article."

I am unable to find any setting for administrators to mandate folder notification policies or set default settings for them for new users - please advise where this is located.


Eric Rangell

Never mind the above comment - I was able to find the documentation about disabling the ability for users to modify their folder notification settings.

However, to clarify my request:

We would like to allow users to modify their notification settings, but also set a default notification policy for new users.

For example, the admin may want to set the default policy to send every 24 hours for add/update/remove only, and this would be the default settings for all new users created on the domain.  Some of these users may want to further refine their notification settings after their account is created.

Thank you.

Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hey Eric,

I'm glad you found the documentation that you needed.

Per your second request, I'll make a note of this use case with the relevant product manager. Thanks for taking the time to post on our forums, and for choosing Egnyte.

  • Trey
Greg Knight1

I would like to add my vote. We want some users to get these, but have the ability to globally administer which users get them. Currently we have to log in as each user and modify or turn off.

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
Status changed to: New
Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering