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Google Docs - drive map

Google Docs - drive map

In the web portal there is an option to include google docs within egnyte (excellent option)

I have the egnyte system mapped as a directory on a local pc in the Office, and as the admin for our company account I can see the SHARED and PRIVATE directory within our egnyte data store. Is there a way that I can also include the Google Docs directory to be visible within the mapped drive. !!!


Hi Zaff,

This is certainly a very good suggestion and I completely agree with you on this. Much appreciated. However I feel that this might have some changes to be made in the current setup.

I am fowarding this suggestion to the product development team. They can look into this to see what can be done to integrate the Google docs in the mapped drive.

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One thing to think about with this: 

Currently Administrators can see all files, both private and public.  As Google Docs is an outside application and could have files included that are unrelated to the Egnyte usage, Administrators should not be able to see all user's Google Docs, only their own. 

Any Update here?

When will the users be able to access all files (incl. Google Docs) within the Egnyte App?


Hi Sunseeker Administrator,

Thanks for your inquiry regarding Google Docs.  To understand further, are you requesting information on application integration with Mapped Drive or general file access in Egnyte?

It is possible to use Google Docs through the web browser using the Classic View.  Here is a link to more information:

Google Docs allows you to access and edit Office and Google Docs files.  You can also view most file types using our integrated "Preview" function online. Please let me know if there are other file types you would like to edit through the web interface.

Best, Chris

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