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Hide Parent Path for User

Hide Parent Path for User

I know this has been raised before, but it is marked as "solved" without actually being solved, and I think this is an important piece of functionality.

The goal is to not have my third-party users (eg my customers) seeing that the folder I have shared with them is sitting under /Shared/Customers/MyGoodCustomers/Customer-A.  I only want them to see the folder name "Customer-A" of course.

I know this might cause restrictions in other use-cases but I would be happy to have a particular folder tree where those other use-cases were not possible, in order that this simple and common use-case *is* supported.  I just don't want to have to think about whether it is bad for a sharee to see any of the parent folder names.  They shouldn't be able to see those at all.


I agree

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Community Manager
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If this could be an optional feature for Standard/External users that would be best. Our internal users actually love being able to see the path.

Not sure if the number of posts helps, but this is a feature that has been requested by my users more than once.  We invite 3rd parties (i.e. Standard users) to collaborate on pieces of a project, but sometimes the path gives away too much information.  People normally don't think about sharing when they are making a path.  Things like:

.../NA Projects/Active/Critical/ProjectX/RFP-Responses/


../NA Projects/Dead/ProjectY/Equipment/CompanyX/Quotes/

I'm sure we all get the picture.  You can give away info that you really don't want the partner to see.

A global switch for Standard users would be good enough, but a switch for users or groups would be even better.