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IOS App - Uploading files

IOS App - Uploading files

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We're trying to move a group of our users away from using OneNote, etc. as their location for dropping files that are sent as attachments in the Mail App. We are able to copy files into Egnyte using the upload function and whilst this works well it doesn't automatically add file to be available 'Offline'

I've looked at the settings in the Egnyte App (v6.3.5) but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to do this - is there any way around this and if not is it something that could be added in a future release as it seems to be a useful feature for mobile workers

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Mark,

You are right. The files are not made offline automatically as of now. The option to make files available for offline usage is left completely at the user's discretion.

I will pass on your feedback to the Product team for future enhancements. Thank you for your suggestion.


Retired Employee Steve Chen3
Retired Employee
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback. We automatically make files that you've recently accessed available for offline access. However, we do not do that for uploads. This may inadvertently take up a lot of space for files that you don't necessarily need, on your phone. To quickly make a lot of files available for offline access, simply select the folder you are interested in and mark the folder for offline access.

Hope that helps!