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Idea for CRM Integration

Idea for CRM Integration

Originally from ticket #98873.

I have an idea that might enhance and ease integration with third party systems like SugarCRM and

Within SugarCrm, I can display an inline frame of egnyte and set up the CRM to grab the name of a client and build it into the URL so that the egnyte inline frame navigates to a specific folder on load. Works pretty nicely except that there is no method to create a new folder, so you have to use egnyte to create the new folder. This is not a huge issue, but it prevents seamless integration.

Here is a really interesting idea (I think). If you could build in a special character into the url that would indicate that if the folder doesn't exist, that one should be created, then you could seamlessly integrate SugarCRM and Egnyte (probably also applies to Salesforce). here is a rough example:

If I try to navagate to : " " I will get an error message that says that myfolder doesn't exist. However, if i navagate to "* " then the egnyte system could recognize the asterisk at the end as an indicator to create a folder named "Myfolder" at this location if one does not already exist. Now I could set up my CRM to create a URL using a formula based on fields in the record and if the folder that results does not exist, Egnyte will automatically add it.

In a real world example:

In SugarCrm I create a new Contact First Name: John, Last Name: Sample

I set up the CRM to access egnyte in an inline frame using the formula:

""&First Name&"-"&Last Name

This will create the URL:

Upon Saving the new record, SugarCrm will open the inline record using the URL created using John-Sample's info. Unfortunately, it will result in error as John is a new client and I have not set up a folder for him in egnyte.

If, however, I appended the URL with a asterisk as in the following:*

Then egnyte would no to create that record if it does not already exist.

This feature would solve a road block that I am having with my egnyte/SugarCRM integration and greatly improve my experience. You may find it opens doors to new, fuller integrations with CRM and other systems.

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Thank you for proposing this interesting idea. We will definitely consider it in the future.

In the meantime, you may be able to use our WebDAV API to create the folders. Here are the details on using WebDAV API.



Sean Puttergill

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We do have apis that will allow you to figure if a file exists and allows you to create the folders that you need.