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Improve Imaging Zooming in WebUI

Improve Imaging Zooming in WebUI

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It's cumbersome to zoom in and out of a photograph on the WebUI.  Our users review many photographs and have to zoom in and out on images over and over.  If they want to zoom in on a specific section, particularly a corner, they have to click the zoom button, then click the image hand grabber to re-center it over the location they want to zoom in on, then zoom, then recenter, then zoom.  It's quite cumbersome.  I don't know what's technically possible, but ideally the scroll wheel would zoom in and out on a photo when you are highlighted on it.  Or you could use Shift + Scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  Another alternative would be to make the left click button zoom in and have a button, as you do now, for zoom out.  Just something to make zooming in and out easier.  

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @ITPro.  We'll look into possible solutions for this problem.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Because mobile devices are built for a much more intuitive haptic user experience, have you tried out image preview on our Egnyte mobile apps? Features like gallery /grid view and zooming lends itself on tablets very well.


The zoom functionality of images on the iOS app is great!

I will add, it would actually be nice to left click on the image and have it close.  This would allow the user to open and close images quickly.  This functionality is pretty common across the web as well.  This along with a zoom via the scroll wheel would be ideal.