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Include local time in Local Cloud error emails

Include local time in Local Cloud error emails

Hey guys -

Just got a sync inactivity error for our OLC instance, but it's very confusing:

The email was received at 3:45 AEST (GMT +10) saying the sync hasn't completed in the last 2 hours - but the time stamp within the email says it hasn't successfully synced since 6:35 pm yesterday (March 12th). It SHOULD be saying something more like 1:45 pm, March 13th. 

Seeing as we're in Australia, and Egnyte is in San Fran (where it currently is our yesterday) my guess is it's reporting your time, not the time on the OLC. 

Can you please change this to match up? It's not useful at all to know what time it was in San Fran when our NAS in Melbourne, AUS was having issues! 

Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

This is a great suggestion. I'm following up with the sync team and will post back when I learn more.

hi ES admin,

I fully agree with your views! We also have the same confusion with such mails, status mails, inactive mails, etc., that the California time zone is mentioned.

Some of our users in Japan, Korea, China and also India complain about this, since the PST is irrelevant to them.

Why Egnyte don’t put the time stamp of the user?

in case of, each user can select the time zone what he wants, to receive the messages as per this time zone only. So Egnyte could take the PST time zone, add or subtract the time zone difference to it and then send out the mail to the respective user.

but compared with other main features, this is a minor feature request.

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
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Employee Ed Tseng1
Status changed to: Considering

This may have been addressed in the past - we'll revisit this to see if this request has been resolved.

Employee Hari_Krishnan
Status changed to: Delivered

The Sync inactivity report indeed aligns with the locale time set on the cloud for the given domain.