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Is it possible to make or request changes to system text?

Is it possible to make or request changes to system text?

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Originally from ticket #97754.

We want to use egnyte for emergency response team documents. However, we are worried that new standard users working in high pressure settings will not read even a one-pager of instructions on how to use the system, and will rename edited versions of files before re-uploading them. It would be very useful if we could change the popup instruction to include the fact that the filename should stay the same and that all versions will be saved.

Is this system text something that can be changed for our account, or would it have to be a global change? If the latter, would you consider rewording the text? I suspect it is difficult for many clients to use version control as intended if they have lots of standard users who are much less likely than power users to invest time in learning how the system works.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Sally,

We currently do not have this feature and we thank you for the feedback. Your suggestions are very important to us and allows us to improve our products and services. We will pass your idea along to our Product Team and will be considered in future releases.

To submit your suggestions directly to our Product Team in the future, please use the link below. The Community Discussions allows other Egnyte users to vote and comment on your idea.

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Hi Sally, Thanks for highlighting.  The product team has been made aware of your request and this will be weighed against other feature requests.  By posting it on the forum, you also give other users the opportunity to vote on this, which helps us at Egnyte assess the need.

Best, Chris