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LAN sync feature for PLC (like DropBox)

LAN sync feature for PLC (like DropBox)

I use Personal Cloud on a few of my own machines,("office" desktop, developer desktop, and 2 laptops)

No OLC (yet).

But what I'm looking for in a good solid "personal cloud product" is a LAN sync like dropbox has. How would this work...

  • if you have different clients with PLC installed, (like different clients with the same dropbox account)

  • provided they are on the same subnet (same broadcast net) (to keep the networking aspect simple)

  • when you add a file to your PLC, the file is then synced with Egnyte servers.

  • other clients which sync the same folder, will then initiate the syncing process as soon as it determines a change has been made to the file.

  • before trying to sync it from the cloud, they will look for the new file on the LAN first, bypassing the need to download the file from the cloud/Egnyte servers, thus speeding up the syncing process considerably.

So LAN sync is an huge advantage for use in locations where PLC is used on multiple computers which are networked together over the same router or other local area network.

This can save hours of syncing time

I'm also using dropbox for some purposes, and it only took a minute or so for a 250 MB file to arrive at 3 other clients in my lan (after it was synced up to dropbox, which took less than 3 minutes)

the same action took almost about 30 minutes with Egnyte (Egnyte's upload is slower than dropbox also)

Imagine that for about 2GB of daily changed files which I need on my desktop and notebook for travelling


So ... my vote for LAN sync!





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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hello Gentlemen,

There is a word from the Product Team about this feature.

Egnyte has different plans about this than what Dropbox's LAN sync feature. So even though we don't have plans to implement LAN sync, we do have long term plans to make Egnyte Turbo dynamically cache content.

This has the same effect as LAN sync where Turbo devices in the office act as 'LAN hubs' when people access content from the Desktop App. 

As we develop the Turbo, you will be able to try this on your own. 


Hi Sagar,

I have had a quick look at the Turbo device and it appears to be what we need.  However a couple of questions.  Can you migrate a Storage Synch VM storage disc to a Turbo device or do we need to download the complete cloud dataset again?

Our main requirement is to ensure our users have access to files whilst not online (usually for a couple of days).  Is the beta version of the synch for offline access for the Desktop app able to complete synchronisation using the LAN? ( 

We are also having problems in our main office which only has a 6Mb/s download and 2Mb/s upload capability so we need to minimise individual computers connecting to the cloud. Will this help?


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Andrew,

I am not sure if disc swapping is supported or a workable solution with the Turbo as of now. Since this is a release candidate, I am not sure if all doors are opened. 

I will check with the product team and write back here. 


I would like to know if there is a cleaner migration path to move from SS to Turbo. One would assume you could detach the disks and attach them in the new appliance. However I would want to see what guidance is provided first.

Retired Employee vikramjayaraman
Retired Employee

Hi Anthony , We do not support migration of data disks from SS to Turbo today. While detach/attach is one option, due to the architecture differences it might not be the best approach. Today the option supported is for Turbo to do a clean sync from CFS at initial provisioning. Is there any specific concerns on your side that would make the current option non-viable ? 

That's a sad commentary. For firms who have TB's of data in SS already, it makes it completely imparctical to resync that data for an upgrade. The answer makes me disgruntled. 

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
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Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
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Sorry everyone, but at this time, we don't have plans for supporting LAN Sync for Desktop App or Desktop Sync. Turbo is often considered a better solution to LAN Sync, though we understand it unfortunately does not support all use cases. Please review the information for Turbo here: as well as this article to see if Turbo is right for your environment:


Additionally, Desktop App supports delta sync so only the changes get uploaded.