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LAN sync feature for PLC (like DropBox)

LAN sync feature for PLC (like DropBox)

I use Personal Cloud on a few of my own machines,("office" desktop, developer desktop, and 2 laptops)

No OLC (yet).

But what I'm looking for in a good solid "personal cloud product" is a LAN sync like dropbox has. How would this work...

  • if you have different clients with PLC installed, (like different clients with the same dropbox account)

  • provided they are on the same subnet (same broadcast net) (to keep the networking aspect simple)

  • when you add a file to your PLC, the file is then synced with Egnyte servers.

  • other clients which sync the same folder, will then initiate the syncing process as soon as it determines a change has been made to the file.

  • before trying to sync it from the cloud, they will look for the new file on the LAN first, bypassing the need to download the file from the cloud/Egnyte servers, thus speeding up the syncing process considerably.

So LAN sync is an huge advantage for use in locations where PLC is used on multiple computers which are networked together over the same router or other local area network.

This can save hours of syncing time

I'm also using dropbox for some purposes, and it only took a minute or so for a 250 MB file to arrive at 3 other clients in my lan (after it was synced up to dropbox, which took less than 3 minutes)

the same action took almost about 30 minutes with Egnyte (Egnyte's upload is slower than dropbox also)

Imagine that for about 2GB of daily changed files which I need on my desktop and notebook for travelling


So ... my vote for LAN sync!





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Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your feedback on LAN sync options, and it's been sent to our product management team where they are reviewing your suggestions.  The backend architecture changes requested here are complex; however,  your vote and others help us to prioritize feature requests so we can provide you the most value. 


This has my vote, along with the equally important PLC sync to OLC when possible. When i've got 30 to 50 users behind my firewall, it does not make sense for them to all go out to the cloud to retrieve changes. Ideally this would be done via some sort of auto detection (is there an OLC on the same segment? sync to that. No OLC? Are there other PLCs? Sync what you can with them directly, get the rest from the cloud). 


Thanks for your vote Rich. 


We are needing a feature like this.  At present we utilize three cloud solutions for different functions.  SugarSync for syncing with our accounting in India and Hong Kong.  Dropbox for the owners and our General Mgr to share internal data, and Egnyte for the CSR, Sales, and China plant to communicate with order production. The problem is when a designer posts something for sales to access on our LAN, the lag time could be several minutes to several hours depending on the file size. The LAN based function will help shorten that time, and also eliminate the bandwidth bottleneck when all four office computers are pulling information from Egnyte over the Internet. It is so bad our GM is thinking of switching away from Egnyte.  Pls help.

I suggested this as well. Have to imagine it would save Egnyte (and it's customers) a LOT of bandwidth. Think WSUS.  But I disagree that complexity is an issue; rather than Dropbox's LANsync, which communicates with other Dropbox clients on the LAN, Egnyte's solution would involve the OLC only. The client's verify connectivity with the OLC first, if so, sync from OLC. Could include a double-check that the OLC is current against Egnyte servers via checkfiles of some sort. If it detects a difference, the client cycles auto-sync routines every few minutes until it detects a match post-sync. But just rambling! And to contradict myself, I'm sure it's harder than it seems, e.g. building the 'server side' of the sync relationship into the OLC. But certainly feasible!  :)

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Spencer,

Thanks for your product suggestion. We are testing some big changes to our ELC and OLC products that will address some of the issues that you bring up here. Please follow the What's New and Coming Up sections of our website for the latest product news.



I cannot emphasize my desire to have this option implemented.  When you are getting ready to pack up and head out on the road, it would be nice to know that you can select the folders you want to sync and not have to worry (all that much) about the amount of data you are syncing.  As it is now, I end up being very selective about what to sync, because I know it is going to take a good deal of time to sync to the PLC before I leave.

Syncing the PLC to the OLC, and then making the OLC push the sync'd data if necessary just makes the most sense from a bandwidth perspective.

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Retired Employee

Hi Jarrod,

Thanks for your post. This is actually something that we have looked into before with a new unified client that combines some of the features of several existing products. Unfortunately, I don't have an estimate for when that will become available. Please recognize that we understand the requirement, though.

We appreciate your business,





Egnyte MUST implement LAN Sync as it now works in Dropbox. We are trying to move to Egnyte because of its permissions system but sync time is very critical and for now we see a lot of issues with Egnyte. Sync can take hours and my workers started to send documents by mail. We don't want to return to Dropbox and don't want to invest in Netgear ReadyNAS systems for all our branches - it will be very expensive to buy and to support.

Please, accelerate a development process for this feature.




Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Thanks for the post, Roman. I'll add you as a +1 for the feature and will post back here if I have any updates.

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