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Linux Desktop Sync

Linux Desktop Sync

I would like to be able to setup Desktop Sync on my Linux workstation.

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Hey there. Just to also add my two cents:

Neglecting the Linux community means you're excluding at least a growing number of Software / Systems / whatever Engineers out there who use Linux as their daily driver. After finding out that Egnyte does not support this would today be reason to not vote for using it within out company, as this puts a high burden on people to keep track of their downloads and to do all the version tracking by themselves.

I'd be happy to see at least a client with a minimal feature set that helps to sync folders. Just as many Cloud Services like Dropbox, Seafile aso. offer it.

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hello @dennisw,

Point taken. I understand what you are trying to put across to us in your post. I have added you as a +1 to this request and will make sure to pass on your complete feedback to our Product Team.


Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
Status changed to: New

We are still waiting for this in 2019?

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

While we have no immediate plans to support Linux on the Desktop, it is something we'd like to keep open for consideration

Employee Tri Hoang
Status changed to: Needs Info

Most of our users are using Windows or MacOS. We will need more data to decide if it makes sense to build and provide support for a Linux client.

Jon Camfield
Good Citizen

There's also this 7-year old request for Linux support:

What specific information do you need? Most users have stated that they are on debian-based systems over the year (I'm now on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, myself). A solution which also worked on Linux/deb servers could also be super valuable for NAS integration e.g. QNAP/Synology) and for use in docker.



Jon Camfield
Good Citizen

A "headless" version which support Linux (seems to be heavy ubuntu/deb requests?) could also support integration on many NAS devices (QNAP, Synology), and docker images as well, which both have a ton of potential client use if supported. Also making sure that this (only 4-year-old!) Linux feature request is linked here to help connect the community members requesting these features:


Wow, 7 years of requests for Egnyte on Linux, and still nothing. :( I'm a huge fan of Egnyte, but I'm also a huge fan of Ubuntu, which I have used as my primary operating system for years now. Please, please listen to our pleas, lol.