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List and prioritise files included in a synchronisation in progress

List and prioritise files included in a synchronisation in progress

There are times when I have needed a large file to synch urgently from a colleague and I have had no visibility if it is included in a synch currently in progress, where it is in the order of files being downloaded or how long it will take.

When I check my egnyte status or synch log for my local cloud and see that there is a synch in progress, I would like to be able to see a list of the files that will be synchronised and the order they will be downloaded/uploaded. Some additional details such as file sizes and folder locations might be useful to some users too. Additionally, if the synchronisation order could be changed manually by a user, for example by dragging a file up the order, that would be excellent.

Jed Frechette

I think these are excellent suggestions, although, rather then working with individual files, in most cases I would probably want to manage this at the level of subfolders.

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Employee Tri Hoang
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In Desktop Sync logs/status view, we only display the file that is currently being uploaded instead of the full list of the upload/download batch. There is no plan to add this into the UI. I strongly suggest you to switch to the new Desktop App, which has progress bar for each file being uploaded,  how many files are left, and the order they will be uploaded.

Regarding how long the sync will take, we do display sync progress in term of percentage in Desktop Sync.