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Live Chat for Egnyte support

Live Chat for Egnyte support

It would be great to have the ability to live chat with someone in support for a quick question.

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the suggestion. We have tested this previously and it did not provide the quality of support that we require, however, we are looking at alternate solutions for this. We don't have a time estimate for this, however, as we are still unsure whether or not we will implement it. 

We would like to hear from other community members on this as well. 

Hi Julie, Hi Ashley,


Thanks for your contribution.


I understand the challenge in a support job, if everybody would start a live chat with the topic “hey guys, something is not working, please help immediately” – this is not effective at all.


Hence I would suggest, that first users shall file their support request via your existing process and categorise/describe the issue. Once Egnyte helpdesk has assigned the right person for it, the first reply shall be sent along with a link for a chat on this issue (for premium/platiumum users only).


The user may first follow the first remedy proposed in the mail feedback proposed and should then have the possibility, to chat with the right person(s) for his problem, if not yet solved.

By following such method, Egnyte has a better input for any support request and the user need to think first, which support does he want and describe the problem better.


So, it is a win-win situation 😊