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Locked File Indicator in Desktop App

Locked File Indicator in Desktop App

I am looking for this feature but would like to have this displayed for my users in the Egnyte Connect Desktop App (specifically happening in Mac Version 3.3.2, but assume this would also apply on the Windows Version as well). Someone who has Full or Owner access appears to be able to delete a locked file from the Desktop App. The file appears to be deleted because it temporarily disappears, however, it reappears a few seconds later. I would like to request having a pop-up message appear letting the user know that the file is locked and can't be deleted when they attempt to delete a locked file from the Desktop App.

This is the use case at my company. The employee has "Full" Permission access to a folder. Below are the steps they take from the Desktop App: 

1. Right-click on the file, and select Move to Trash

2. The pop-up window appears asking them if they are sure they want to delete the file. 

3. They click Delete

4. From the Finder window, the file appears to be deleted. However, seconds later (I timed it and it took around 20 seconds), the file re-appears. 

This has caused a big issue at my company where employees who are able to delete files are thinking they are deleting the files, and they close out of the Finder window. But when they go back into that folder in Egnyte, the file is still there, which is causing a lot of confusion. It would be very helpful if a pop-up appears saying you can't delete this file becuase it is locked, so the user would know they have to go into the Web UI to see who has the file locked. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @Andrea Forbes - what you experienced seems like a bug in 3.3.2. The Desktop App should display a message saying "Unable to delete <file_name>". Following your steps, I couldn't reproduce the issue in our latest version 3.6.0.